Experiential // Print // On-Site Activation

The Winslow Homer Studio, a National Historic Preservation site, closed in 2019 for reinterpretation efforts aimed at revitalizing the artist's legacy. Working in tandem with the Art Processors team, I helped craft a visual experience to capture the intimacy and beauty of Homer's time at Prouts Neck. In pursuit of immediacy, I shifted focus from didactics to instead depict Homer's actual life and work through visual materials.
Art Processors created an immersive foley soundscape by embedding speakers discreetly throughout the house, giving visitors the sensation of observing Homer's daily life.

A delightful Easter egg in the studio is Homer's signature etched into a window corner, with a speaker above emitting the sound of glass etching. Inspired by these intimate sounds, I incorporated small doodles and sketches from Homer's letters and notebooks, provided by Bowdoin College, as a cohesive theme in the visual materials.
The themes in the brand identity that I created for the Winslow Homer Studio was then later used as a springboard for the Mythmakers exhibition, in which the same golds and grays used for the Homer Studio brand was tied through to the exhibition.