Experiential // Illustration // Print

As the designer behind the Surrealist Play workshop accompanying the Surrealism: Play Gone Astray exhibition, my aim was to transport visitors into a realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur effortlessly. Drawing inspiration from the works of Giorgio de Chirico, I crafted an immersive vinyl landscape using trompe l'oeil techniques, inviting participants to step into a world of dreamlike wonder.
Central to the workshop experience were oversized illustrated magnets that encouraged visitors to unleash their creativity and construct their own surreal compositions against the backdrop of the landscape.
Before plunging into this whimsical realm, participants were prompted to engage in a collaborative mad libs poem, filling in blanks with peculiar three-dimensional objects strewn throughout the space. This playful exercise served as a prelude to the surreal journey that lay ahead, setting the stage for exploration and discovery.
Hidden within the workshop's alcoves were sets of illustrated architecture, each concealing secret doorways that beckoned to worlds unknown.
To facilitate the journey from exhibition to workshop, I crafted a gallery guide that offered insightful commentary and prompts to stimulate the imagination. Surrealist Play was not only a workshop; it was an invitation to embrace the absurd, to challenge the confines of rationality, and to revel in the boundless possibilities of the human psyche.