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The Susie Konkel Pass initially launched in 2018 at the Portland Museum of Art, offering free membership for everyone 21 and under. Once the community began visiting in person again after the pandemic closure, I was asked to give the Susie Konkel Pass program a rebrand.

I was interested in the idea of getting students to view art as a building block in their academic learning and using art interpretation as a sort of decoding game.

As part of the brand identity for the relaunch of the Susie Konkel Pass, I was asked to create a social media suite for the PMA to feature in the months leading up to the launch festivities.

The SKP youth are split into two groups of Kindergarten through 8th grade, and 9th grade through college. I felt it was important to give the younger students and the young adults their own variations on the same brand through a subtle change in type and pattern.
A much-loved Maine artist, Dahlov Ipcar, was also a notable illustrator. One of her most iconic works, A Walk at Night, (later to be featured in her book The Cat at Night) is always on display at the Portland Museum of Art. I wanted to pull colors from this painting for the SKP palette as this work has been been a part of the Maine children's book history for so long.

A swag bag was designed for each kid to take home from the launch event, including a tote bag stuffed with goodies to help them fully enjoy their upcoming summer.