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Head Chef Andrea's meticulous obsession with ingredients reminded me of the focus painters give to food in capturing still lifes. The unforgiving precision with which she prepared each ingredient led me to look to the Flemish Masters, and then subsequently to Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover for inspiration in my color palette.

Francis Loeffler requested a collaboration to create a captivating visual identity and brand design for their luxury private dining experiences. Blending a gourmet tasting menu with the warmth of a private dinner party, we delivered an exquisite fusion of culinary excellence and intimate celebration.

As part of their new brand charter, I provided templates for an initial brand suite to kick of their digital marketing campaigns, providing art direction guidelines, photography standards covering subject matter and lighting, and digital asset benchmarks for color and accessibility.

To distill the essence of Francis Loeffler into a single visual icon, I found inspiration in the egg. This epicurean cornerstone symbolizes the pursuit of culinary excellence, where flawless texture and flavor in the rare perfect egg mirrors the potential of meticulously selected ingredients to elevate dishes to sublime levels.

With the luxury essence of the dining experiences, I couldn't resist a playful wink to the old "born with a silver spoon" phrase, replacing the yolk of the egg visual with a proverbial silver spoon, capturing Francis Loeffler's pursuit of perfection and extravagance in a single visual metaphor.