Illustration // Print // Motion

The Elements of Art and Principles of Design project arose from the need to provide inclusive arts education for our diversifying student population, many from immigrant and refugee families, who are currently enrolled in ESOL programs. The Portland Museum of Art's Learning, Community, and Collaboration team tasked me with creating a visually engaging curriculum, emphasizing minimal reliance on text. Additionally, the format highly portable in order to facilitate museum exploration, as well as be adaptable for digital learning for classroom integration.
I transformed the Elements of Art and Principles of Design curriculum into a deck comprising fourteen cards, each dedicated to a single concept. The cards are designed to be interchangeable, allowing flexibility in sequencing, while maintaining visual coherence through consistent shapes and color cues.
In the project's second phase, I will further enhance the illustrations by transforming them into interactive animations. These animations will let students get hands-on with the illustrations using touchscreens in the classroom, integrating tactile learning into the curriculum. The digital learning component of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design project is scheduled for implementation in Fall 2024 school year.